Is Touch Portal free to use? Yes it’s free for use, but you are limited to a grid of 4×2 (2×4) and you can create only one extra page extra to extend your buttons. The pro upgrade removes theses limitations. Also, when you purchase the pro upgrade, you support us big time! That way we can keep on creating nice and useful features for you!
What are upgrades? Touch Portal is free to use but the true power comes with its upgrades. We supply you with upgrades so you yourself can choose how you want to upgrade the free base version of our app. If you buy the pro upgrade for example, you will get the possibility to use an unlimited number of pages and custom grids per page of up to 110 buttons. We will also provide free upgrades from time to time.
Can I have multiple pages of buttons? Yes you can. With the free version you only get one additional page. The first page you access on your mobile device will be the only additional page you can access. With the Pro upgrade you have an unlimited amount of pages to your disposal.
I am using the free version and my additional page is a mistake, help!? Do not worry, if you fully close down the Touch Portal desktop app and restart it the additional page is reset and you can access a different one. You can also just recreate the existing page of course.
How do I go to another page? First thing to note is that the desktop app is for editting your pages. It does not reflect the state of usage. This means that when you change a page on your desktop, it is not changed on your mobile device.

To go to another page on your mobile device you need to create a Go To Page action that point to the page you want the button to go.
You can find the action in the navigation category.
Example of the action in a button.

If you are a free user you can only go to one additional page. If you want to have access to an unlimited amount of pages, get the pro upgrade.
Can I use a different grid size for each page? Yes you can specify for each separate page what the grid size should be.
The play store says I have an incompatible device but it is brand new? Unfortunately, we cannot release our app in all countries around the world. This has to do with laws and taxes. We try to release in new countries whenever the possibility is there. Is our app not available in your country? Keep an eye on our Twitter for tweets about new countries we release to.
I have a bug! You can always contact us with issues and problems. We will look at it as soon as we can. Please provide us with what you expected to happen, what actually happened, what you do to reproduce the issue, the version of both the desktop app as well as the mobile app and of course the platforms running the apps. Without this information it is hard for us to find the issue and solve it. You can send us feedback through our support form
Can we request new features? Yes, please do. We integrate a lot of user requests but we do have our own schedule and planning. We do not share this backlog because we do not want to have discussions about which suggested features should be build right away. Besides all the great ideas of our community, we also have our own plans and roadmap.
Not all actions are triggered? Help! As Touch Portal integrates with third party software like OBS, Streamlabs OBS and such we depend on their implementation as well. What we have encountered is that Touch Portal sometimes triggers actions to fast. But this also depends on the machine used or the quality of the network. If you try to add a timer action between actions those system often get enough time to handle the first request and to be ready to handle your second request.
Key presses do not work on my Mac Since a macOs update you have to add Touch Portal in the security settings.

Security >> remove >> add >> Touch Portal
Connection Issues
What ip address and port do I need to connect? The desktop app shows you the ip address and the port in the lower left corner of the app. The ip address has the format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and the port has the format xxxx. You can change the port in the desktop app if you want to use a different port for communication with the mobile app. But do not forget to change it on the mobile side as well.
Touch Portal cannot connect, help! Touch Portal uses the wifi system to communicate. Touch Portal is also build in Java. Due to this a lot can interfere with the connection. Here are some check you can do to get the connections working:

  1. Always ensure you have the latest version of Touch Portal on both your desktop and your mobile device.
  2. Update java 8 to the latest version
  3. Since we are using wifi, you need to be on the same network. So the ip address of both the desktop as the mobile device should have the same format with only the last numbers different. Example: If PC is "192.168.1.X" then iOS/Android must be "192.168.1.Y". A simple fix is to connect both devices to the same router. You can check the IP in PC by pressing "WIN+R" and typing "CMD", then type "ipconfig". See the IP under "IPv4 Address".
  4. Anti-virus and firewalls can block the communication of Touch Portal. So to see if that is the problem, try to turn off your firewall or antivirus and retry the connection. If it works, try adding Touch Portal AND Java to your firewall / antivirus.
  5. Sometimes the port Touch Portal uses is already in use by different software. To ensure this is not the case, use the curports software to check ports in use. You could also try to use different ports instead of the curports step. Obviously port ONE must be the same in PC and Mobile, the same counts for port TWO.
  6. Some user do not allow Java through the windows firewall when it is requested during installation of Touch Portal. Touch Portal however needs Java so this blocks the communication.

    Allow Java in your firewall: (On PC)

    Go To "Start Menu" > Type "Allow an app through Windows Firewall"

    Press "Change Settings". Allow all Java related in your firewall. If you don't see Java anywhere you can add it manually by going to C:\program files\java\(LATEST VERSION)\bin\ and adding JAVAW.exe (NOTICE THE "W" in javaW.exe). Java should always be present in your system as TouchPortal installs it by default. The following video can help as a tutorial. Tutorial Movie
  7. Sometimes the Touch Portal folder in your documents folder (for new version it is the windows appData folder, usually located at C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/AppData/roaming/) has been corrupted. In your PC go to "Documents" or the appData folder and find the folder "TouchPortal" rename that folder to "TouchPortal OLD". Reopen TouchPortal in your PC. It should create a new "TouchPortal" folder in your appData folder and it will be like a fresh start. If you create buttons, and they show on mobile it means that your previous settings/pages were corrupted. This issue happens rarely and is probably due to links or texts containing characters that do not pertain to the English Alphabet. If this happens, please zip your old touch portal folder and send it to us so we can troubleshoot.
If all these steps did not work for you, please let us know on our Discord server where we can help you.
I can connect but no icons are shown? First, for the iOS users, ensure that port two is 12135 on the desktop app. Also ensure that port one is 12134 on both the mobile device as the desktop app.

Secondly, make sure TouchPortal has access or "privileges" to the "TouchPortal" folder located in "Documents" (for new version the location is the windows appData folder, usually located at C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/AppData/roaming/, or type %appdata% in your windows search bar.).

Also, sometimes the communication just fails because of network hiccups. Try restarting Touch Portal fully. You can do this by right clicking on the Touch Portal icon in your system tray. Choose the option "Exit". This will fully close the application.
Touch Portal uses or another wrong netwerk interface, how can I select the correct interface? To fix this, you have to change the network interface priority on your desktop.

For Windows, go to this website which explains how to change the priority on Windows.

For MacOs, go to this website which explains how to change the priority on a Mac.

I cannot get USB to work in iOS? At the moment we do not yet support USB mode for iOS devices.
I cannot get USB to work in Windows? We support USB connection between Android and Windows only at the moment. For this to work, you need to turn on ADB-Debugging on your Android phone. This allows for us to communicate through USB with an Android phone.

You can do this with the following steps:
  1. Turn on the Developer settings on Android
    1. Go to settings
    2. Go to phone information
    3. Find the entry with the build number
    4. Press it 10 times or so until see you the message that developer settings are enabled.
  2. Go to the developer settings
  3. Locate the USB Debugging feature and turn it on
  4. On your Android device a popup should show with the question to allow communication. Allow it
  5. Now with this enabled you should restart the Touch Portal desktop app.
The proper way to initiate a USB connection is:
  1. Set Touch Portal Mobile in USB mode
    1. Go to settings
    2. Set connection type to USB
    3. Leave the settings screen
  2. Now click on the "Connect to USB" on the Touch Portal desktop application.
  3. Your page should now be visible on your mobile!
If the above steps did not work:
  1. Check if you have connected the correct cable to the correct device and pc.
  2. Install the correct USB drivers for your phone. Samsung for example has specific drivers and the windows default will not work.
  3. Check if your device is recognized by windows and ADB.
    1. Open a command line tool (in windows, click on the search icon and type "cmd"
    2. Type: adb devices
    3. This should show a list of devices. Yours should be there.
      1. If not? You should revoke your phone access. The access dialog should show when you plug in your device again to the desktop pc.
      2. Type: adb devices
      3. This should show a list of devices. Yours should be there. If it is not:
        1. Unplug the USB cable from your device.
        2. Revoke USB Debugging on phone, If the device is shown as unauthorized or not shown, check the developer options on the phone and click "Revoke USB debugging authorization".
        3. Now we need to reset the ADB system to let the device make a new connection, type in the command line tool:

          adb kill-server
          adb start-server
        4. Plug the USB cable in your device again.
        5. Your device will now show a message to agree to connect with the computer. You MUST confirm this message.
        6. Now recheck the adb devices command and it should be there. You can now connect to your device if you follow the correct connection steps described above.
  4. Check if the ports are setup correct for ADB
    1. Open a command line tool (in windows, click on the search icon and type "cmd"
    2. Type: adb forward --list
    3. This should show a list of port forwarded. Yours (default 13145) should be there.
      1. If not?
      2. Type: adb forward tcp:13145 tcp:13145
      3. This will add the port to ADB. Try the list command again and it should be there.
      4. If it still does not work, contact us at Discord
My changes to my pages are not saved! Help! Make sure TouchPortal has access or "privileges" to the "TouchPortal" folder located in "Documents". (for new version it is the windows appData folder, usually located at C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/AppData/roaming/)
How do I get started with OBS?
  1. Install The OBS Web Socket plugin: OBS Websocket plugin
  2. Start OBS Studio
  3. Start Touch Portal
  4. You should be connected to OBS Studio from Touch Portal now. If not, use the Connect to OBS menu option in the Touch Portal desktop app.
  5. Enjoy!
OBS Connection issues? First, did you check out our How to connect to OBS tutorial? Otherwise:
  • Ensure you have installed the Palakis Websocket plugin. In OBS goto the plugin section and ensure it is there. If not, install it and follow our tutorial.
  • Try making the connection without a password first, maybe you made a mistake.
  • On MacOs 13 currently the websocket does not seem to work with the OBS version working for MacOs 13. This means that untill they fix it you cannot use TP fully to control OBS.
Stacking multiple OBS commands do not work? With OBS you use the websockets plugin to be able to use Touch Portal. The problem is that the plugin is slower then Touch Portal. This results in Touch Portal firing the events too fast and the plugin is not able to handle that so you do not see the proper actions being called. To fix this you should add a Timer Action in between the OBS functions. Make it somewhere between 100ms and 500ms and then the websockets plugin should have enough time to handle all incoming requests from Touch Portal.
Streamlabs OBS
I cannot connect to Streamlabs OBS? Streamlabs OBS should just connect when both Touch Portal desktop and Streamlabs OBS are running. If this is not the case, one of the applications is running in admin mode. Either both should, or neither. If only one is running in admin mode they cannot connect. We prefer Touch Portal not to be run in admin mode.
How do I get started with XSplit?
  1. Start Touch Portal
  2. Start XSplit
  3. Go to >> Extensions >> Add Extensions >> Browse You can find the Plug-in in the Program Files Touch Portal plugins directory: c:\Program Files (x86)\Touch Portal\plugins\xsplit\TouchPortal.html
  4. Go to >> Extensions >> TouchPortal and click on “Connect to Touch Portal” and leave the window open (you can minimize this window)
  5. You should be connected with XSplit from Touch Portal now
Button Actions
My POST action does not work but on PostMan/Other it works?
  1. Most API's need an authorization token, ensure your token is added to the optional headers and is correct
  2. Most API's require the call to originate from a browser. Our app is no browser so you need to mimic our call to originate from a browser. You do this bij specifying the following optional header
    • Key: User-Agent
    • Value: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/23.0.1271.95 Safari/537.11